Special built

Export with many extras.

This page show how Nutti can ad value to any of our standard models.

This is a Nutti Export.

We added the following…

  • More components are bolted to the trailer, and not welded.
  • More 3CR12 used. Less mild steel.
  • We used the lift off hinges and taper lock handles, on the inside gates and partitioning.
  • The draw bar, (A-frame or front part of the chassis) , is laser cut 3CR12 sheetmetal.
  • Added a saddle box with door.
  • Side windows pivot open. (Pop-out type.)
  • More aluminium and acrylic used for components.

This trailer compete with any high quality imported horsebox.

In one spesific case we used no mild steel for the entire build, but the cost of such a trailer is higher.