Colt 2013


Nutti Colt.  E-Mail us for pricelist …
  Small horsebox, 2 berth, lightweight.
  The front of the trailer is shorter with the front door in the middle section.
  This model and its dimensions are standard for the past 30 years.
  In 2013 the Colt get n new look, the flat front changed, but the dimensions are the same.
  Tara weight is 860kg, BVM is 1600kg. (Tara could be less depending on extras.)
  Inside dimensions for box is 1440mm wide, 2750mm long, 2200mm high.
  Each horse berth is 700mm wide, 1850mm long and 2200mm high.
  Rubber type suspension, tandem axle. 1150kg + 1150kg = 2300kg x 0.83 = 1900kg axle unit. Both axles braked.
  Rims and tyres are 195R14C. (Commercial, 14 inch, 8ply tyres.Manuf. name is Goodride)
  Tail lights x8, with chevron, and yellow stripes are standard. (This make the trailer very visible.)
  Gas struts x2 to help close the ramp.
  Front window, glass, type slide down.
  Side windows, glass, type slide down, one per side. Windows are closed with thin steel rods.
  Trailer is painted white, with Plascon primers, fillers, and Plascon Acryline 2K topcoat and clearcoat.
  Woven rubber mat, heavy duty, for the floor.  Woven r mat, standard duty for ramp. Both supplied with trailer.
  Hight adjustable chest bars front, and chains at back of each berth.
  Sparewheel is inside, fixed and locked with SS padlock.
  Wheel spanner and a 2 ton jack also fitted inside the trailer.
  Light with switch fitted inside.
  Upholstery for sides and middle is standard.
  Optional extras: (Mark checkbox with x , use 0 or del to undo.)
  1 Back door above ramp.
  2 Gates at the back of each berth. (used with chains.) With upholstery and gas struts.
  3 Stallion partitions, removable. (Dividers between the 2 berths.)
  4a Stainless Steel grade 3CR12 floor tubing, side sheets.
  4b Stainless Steel grade 3CR12 floor sheet 2mm
  5 Different colour than white on the sides and top. (Outside only)
  6 x4 LED red tail lights and x4 LED amber indicator lights
     Transparent sheeting only to show model, not on real trailers.