About NUTTI.

NUTTI started in Rosslyn, Pretoria in the seventies. Over the years the factory built hundreds of trailers, mostly horseboxes.

In the early years Ronnie Hattingh and his wife Hannetjie took over from the first owner.

In the nineties they moved the factory to Natal.

Ronnie and Hannetjie dedicated a huge part of their lives building NUTTI trailers.

They mostly traveled together, to collect spares in Gauteng, and also to deliver the trailers to the new owners.

Over the years we witnessed how their diesel bakkie accumulated more than a million kilometres.





















About Wikus Beetge.

NUTTI rosslyn was the first factory I saw, and visited, in my live, at a very young age.

My family are friends , and also related, to the Hattingh family.

I am involved with Beetge Engineering Solutions for many years.

We design and manufacture all kinds of things with sheetmetal, stainless etc.

Sadly oom Ronnie passed away some years ago, and now NUTTI moved back to Pretoria, to be runned with Beetge Engineering.